Technical Analysis

About Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis is the study of stock market participants’ behavior (crowd psychology) through the study of historical price charts to expect the next market movement.

Technical Analysis is a very important science as it deals with crowd psychology, demand and supply, and teaches investors and traders how to have discipline when they approach financial markets. 

The main advantage of technical analysis is that it can be used in all market circumstances. Given the proper knowledge, experience, and discipline, a trader/investor can deal with different market situations. 

Technical Analysis teaches investors and traders how to control their risk. Risk is the most important element in this field, and technical analysis approaches this matter professionally. 
From more than 100 year the technical analysis science is recognized worldwide especially in Europe, America and Asia stock exchanges. 

Technical analysis is an important tool to beat all market conditions and it is very important in expecting the next market movement before the announcement of the next important fundamentals and economic data since the market action always leads.

Generally speaking, stock market performance is based on the market participants’ awareness and educational level. The more the educational level of the market participants the more the stock market performance and the more attractive the stock market become to investors.