Code of Ethics

The Egyptian Society of Technical Analysts has established ethical standards of professional conduct as a benchmark for ethical judgment which every Member and Affiliate shall maintain.

1. ESTA Members and Affiliates must maintain at all the time the highest standards of professional conduct. Members must maintain a strict compliance with the laws of the national and the local governance , which have the jurisdiction over the analyst's professional activities.

2. Members and Affiliates abide by all rules issued and approved by its Board of Directors.

3. Members and affiliates shall not use or allow others to use, their relation to the society to enhance their own company and shall not use their relationship with the Association for commercial purposes.

4. Members and Affiliates shall not publish or make statements which they know or have reason to believe ; that is inaccurate or misleading. Members and Affiliates shall avoid leading others to believe that their technically-derived views of future security price behavior reflect foreknowledge rather than estimates and projections subject to reexamination and, as events may dictate, to change.

5. Members and Affiliates shall not give any technical recommendations unless such recommendations are based on the available evidence and accumulated knowledge in the field of financial technical analysis.

6. Members and Affiliates shall not publish or make statements, which indefensibly disparage and discredit the work of others or criticize others in a personal manner.

7. Members and Affiliates shall not seek or act on the basis of material non-public (inside) information and shall not deal, help or witness in any black market transaction.

8. Members and Affiliates shall keep in confidence knowledge concerning the lawful private affairs of both past and present clients, employers and employer's clients.

9. When a Member or Affiliate recommends that a security ought to be bought, sold or held, adequate opportunity to act on such a recommendation shall be given to the clients, employer, and the employer's clients before acting on behalf of either the Member's or Affiliate's own account or the accounts of immediate family members.

10. Members and Affiliates shall not copy or use others analysis unless a permission is received in advance also names of the original work and author should be adequately mentioned.

11. Members and Affiliates are RESTRICTED to give any technical analysis courses inside Egypt without the written permission from the board of directors of the Egyptian Society of Technical Analysts. As for education committee members and board members , they are totally restricted to give any technical analysis courses inside Egypt other than the society courses.