Technical analysis is a discipline of security analysis that aims to forecast future price movements by studying charts of past market data, primarily focusing on price and volume.

The Egyptian Society of Technical Analysts (ESTA) holds the distinction of being the first professional technical analysis society in the Middle East. Established in 2000 by Mr. Amr Dabbous and Mr. Ayman Waked, ESTA is a non-profit organization dedicated to spreading and teaching the science of technical analysis throughout Egypt.

As a full member of the International Federation of Technical Analysts (IFTA), ESTA is recognized as one of the leading societies worldwide, alongside esteemed counterparts such as STA (England), NTAA (Japan), and ATAA (Australia).

Over the past decade, ESTA has achieved significant milestones thanks to the efforts of its exceptional members, all of whom have volunteered their time to fulfill the society's objectives and goals. Here are some notable achievements of ESTA:

  1. ESTA played a pivotal role in significantly and effectively disseminating technical analysis in Egypt, creating a demand for the profession of technical analyst among Arab and Egyptian companies.

  2. The ESTA certificate (CETA) has gained international recognition as the third certificate worldwide, after Japan and Australia's certificates, being deemed equivalent to the international Certificate of the International Federation of Technical Analysts (CFTe).

  3. ESTA has become one of the largest and most reputable societies globally, earning substantial credibility in Egypt and abroad.

  4. Membership in ESTA has grown exponentially, increasing from seven members to over 900 members in the ten years following the society's establishment.

  5. The Trend course, organized by Trend Company under the leadership of Mr. Karim Shalaby, attracted 1000 participants in Egypt's largest conference hall.

  6. The courses provided by the Egyptian Society of Technical Analysts are now regarded as some of the most robust courses in the world.

  7. ESTA actively participates in seminars and the annual exhibition of the stock market at the International Conference Center in Cairo.

  8. As a result of ESTA's efforts and credibility, Egypt became the first country in the Middle East to host the annual conference of the International Federation of Technical Analysts in Sharm el-Sheikh in 2007.

  9. ESTA has contributed to the establishment of other Arab societies, including the Kuwaiti and Jordanian technical analysis societies, and is currently assisting in the creation of the Saudi technical analysis society.

  10. A new branch of ESTA has been opened in Alexandria, providing specialized courses to its members.

  11. ESTA has garnered scientific recognition for technical analysis and established an agreement with the Arab Academy for Science and Technology to incorporate technical analysis as a subject in its MBA program for investment and finance. Some members of the ESTA education committee are actively involved in teaching these courses.

  12. For the first time, technical analysis has been introduced as a subject in the Faculty of Economics and Political Science, thanks to the efforts of ESTA.

  13. ESTA has established a partnership with the Union of Arab Banks to deliver technical analysis seminars within their conferences.

  14. The educational and professional training courses provided by ESTA have enabled new members to qualify for the Education Committee and actively participate in the society's educational activities.

  15. To ensure a wider audience benefits from the society's educational activities, ESTA has launched the "Trend 2 & Trend 3 courses," which offer more advanced content than the "Trend 1 course." These courses are designed for individuals who have completed the Trend 1 course but did not rank among the top 40 candidates who qualified for the ESTA professional program.

  16. ESTA is committed to expanding its educational activities to various Egyptian cities such as Alexandria, Assiut, and Mansoura. This expansion