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Egyptian Society of Technical Analysts ( ESTA )

Technical analysis is a discipline of security analysis that aims to forecast future price movements by studying charts of past market data, primarily focusing on price and volume. The Egyptian Society of Technical Analysts (ESTA) holds the distinction of being the first professional technical analysis society in the Middle East. Established in 2000 by Mr. Amr Dabbous and Mr. Ayman Waked,

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Traders Course

The Traders Course offered by ESTA provides a valuable opportunity for institutions to gain a compet...

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Our Vission

ESTA’ s vision outlines the desired future state and long-term aspirations of the organization. 1.    Industry Leadership: ESTA envisions becoming a recognized global leader in the field of technical analysis, setting the standard for professional excellence, innovation, and thought leadership. 2.    Knowledge Hub: ESTA aims to establish itself as a premier knowledge hub for technical analys ...

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Our Mission

ESTA’s mission is to advance the field of technical analysis, provide support and resources to its members, and promote the wider adoption and understanding of technical analysis as a valuable discipline in the financial industry.     Promoting Education and Research: ESTA aims to foster a culture of continuous learning and knowledge sharing by providing educational resources, organizing worksh ...

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